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Food Packaging Machine

As the UK agent for Scandivac, O’Leary Engineering offers customers a range of leading food packaging machines. Each piece of equipment is designed with reliability and durability in mind to enhance processes and streamline operations, allowing batches to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Industry Leading Equipment

Features Of A Food Sealing Machine

A variety of different food sealing machines is available to meet all requirements, meaning that presentation will always remain consistent when on supermarket shelves. All aspects of the packaging can be tailored to your products, taking into consideration the type of product, storage conditions, quantity and hygiene needs. This includes:

MaterialVarious packaging materials can be used, such as skin films, aluminium composite films and films made from renewable raw materials. You can also choose temperature resistant materials ideal for cooking, baking and frozen products. This allows full flexibility to alter your items to meet with demand.

AppearanceThere are a wealth of possibilities to change the shape and size of packs, whether you need a basic rectangular or round option to a more complex multi-sided or multi-pack alternative.

OpeningsThe machinery available will make it as easy as possible for you to select options that make it simple for customers to open your products, including corner peeling packaging and others that you can tear.

AtmosphereYou will be able to alter the atmosphere of your packaging to suit product requirements; this will ensure that they remain as fresh as possible.

PresentationTailor the presentation of your products to suit where in the supermarket they will be placed including horizontal laying products or those equipped with holes for hanging.

Seals If your packaging will be storing, for example, nuts, cereal or sweets, then the option to reseal the product is essential. Options will include a zip seal and peel-reseal film.

Begin Devising Your Package

Invest In A Vacuum Packer Machine

Should you require equipment that has only one primary function, then a vacuum packer machine would be ideal. Vacuum packaging is often seen as one of the most efficient machine types, designed to guarantee a high-speed process without compromising on quality.

When opting for the vacuum pack option, there will be no air in the packaging, meaning that products will stay as fresh as possible. The micro-organisms responsible for causing the deterioration foods are unable to survive in vacuum packed conditions. This is perfect if you are hoping to extend the shelf life of your products, for instance, freezer foods.

Client Testimonial

"We have found the support of O’Leary Engineering invaluable in helping up to find the best food packaging machine for our factory. The team are filled with so much information and explained the different features of all of our options to help us to make the best decision. A huge thank you for your advice and patience!"