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Advanced Thermoforming Machinery

With extensive industry experience, O’Leary Engineering offers advanced thermoforming machinery to suit every application, allowing processes to be streamlined for maximum efficiency. Products are affordable without compromising on quality, ensuring that all customer requirements are fulfilled.

Streamline Operations

Invest In A Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine

Thermoforming is the process of heating plastic sheets until they reach a forming temperature before allowing them to mould around a specific shape and sealed into place. The method of thermoforming products is used widely around the world, predominantly in the food and pharmaceutical industry, to package, for example, sealed fish or meat that you would purchase in the supermarket.

For those who operate within these industries, a plastic vacuum forming machine would play a pivotal role in daily business, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently. O’Leary Engineering stocks a vast range of thermoforming machinery for both small and complex projects, sourced from the leading manufacturers Scandivac and designed to achieve a high-speed packing process. More compact table top equipment is available for smaller projects and operate by stretching out the plastic before vacuuming to secure. Many customers invest in these types of machines for tasks such as creating prototypes. Large, industrial production machines, on the other hand, are more suited to complex projects. These use high temperatures to heat moulds into place and then finish by trimming own any excess material. The Scandivac machines, in particular, are capable of forming thousands of products per hour.

Thanks to the modern technology used to design machines, thermoforming equipment now feature computer controls and microprocessors, which allow users to programme a set job and have peace of mind that it will be completed with precision. This means that you will no longer have to worry about machines overheating or products being inconsistent.

Why Make The Investment?

Benefits Of Using Food Manufacturing Machines

In food processing, the machine that is used for packing is vital in allowing operations to work at high performance without any downtime. With this in mind, just some of the many benefits of investing in food manufacturing machines are as follows:

Saves Time & Money – Quality machinery allows you to detect potential issues with designs and fix them before it is too late, and it has produced an entire batch.

Different Packing Materials – Having the choice of different packing materials means that hygiene levels can be maximised. Examples of the materials available include flexible and rigid films, aluminium composite films, those made from renewable raw materials and much more. There is even the choice for heat resistant materials which are ideal for products that either need to be frozen or cooked while in the packaging.

Modification Possibilities – Modern machinery enables users to modify packaging to fit with requirements. For instance, items can be vacuum packed or packed with a tailored atmosphere to allow air to filter through the inside of the packaging.

Client Testimonial

"We have purchased our last two thermoforming machines from O’Leary Engineering and couldn’t be happier with the entire process. From start to finish, the team were incredibly helpful and took the time to explain the different routes we could consider. The machines that we chose fit perfectly with all of our requirements and we will most definitely be back in contact in the future!"