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A-PET Cutters

O’Leary Engineering offers a vast range of A-PET cutters which are inserted into machinery to ensure that products can be packed using the highest precision and quality of finish. Cutters are available in a number of different shapes and sizes based on requirements.

Popular Packing Material

What Is A-PET?

A-PET, otherwise known as amorphous polyethylene terephthalate, is a type of thermal plastic which falls under the polyester product category. It is an incredibly reliable and robust material which is most commonly used for items such as water and fizzy drink bottles, as well as household objects, including food jars. One of the most significant benefits of using A-PET is that the material is fully recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option. Once recycled, the material takes the form of RPET and instead of the products previously mentioned, is used for items such as blankets, car part and insulation.

The cutters available at O’Leary Engineering are designed only to be used on A-PET. However, if you are unsure about which parts are best suited to your requirements, our team of engineers are always more than happy to advise you on the best route. A-PET is one of the most common materials to be paired with thermoforming machines as it is both transparent and versatile, making it ideal for commercial packaging. It also does not attract or transfer chemicals, making it a popular choice amongst those in the food and drink industry.

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Types Of A-PET Cutters

A-PET can be cut in many different ways based on several contributing factors such as the scale of the items being packed, along with machine specifications. All cutters available from O’Leary Engineering are not only reliable but also hard-wearing, meaning that they will provide an extended lifespan. They will also enable businesses to guarantee complete accuracy and uniformity with the finish of products. Again, for any customers who require support in selecting cutters or are unsure on which are suited to their existing thermoforming machinery, our engineers are always happy to help. Just some of the many types of cutters available include:

  • Knife Cutters
  • Saw Cutters
  • Laser Cutters
  • Guillotining & Punching Equipment

Client Testimonial

"We had recently slightly altered the design of our packaging and required additional cutters, so contacted O’Leary Engineering for guidance. The team were extremely knowledgeable, and it took them no time to recommend which cutter that we should invest in. Just as we expected, it was the perfect fit. Thank you for your help! "