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Expert Re-Tooling Services

With a wealth of experience, O’Leary Engineering offers re-tooling services which are designed to transform your production process, including technological modifications and advancements. Re-tooling is ideal for upgrading current machinery, providing an excellent alternative to investment in brand new equipment. Ultimately, saving money while continuing to drive results.

Refine Processes & Boost Production

Why Consider Re-Tooling Machinery?

Although there are many reasons as to why a business may consider re-tooling their machinery, the main of which is to accommodate the needs of an updated design or a new product altogether. Whether it may be a slight alteration or a complete reconfiguration, re-tooling allows you to meet growing industry needs with ease. Along with demand, re-tooling also proves incredibly beneficial for those with older machinery and equipment that is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. In opting for re-tooling, not only can you extend the lifespan of your investment but also prevent a system failure, which could have a potentially detrimental impact on operations.

Through being able to alter your machinery, as well as prevent downtime, you will be guaranteed to save your business a considerable amount of money. Not only will you cut costs by no longer having to invest in new equipment each time that you change products or introduce new lines, but also because machinery will not have to be replaced as often. This allows you to unlock new capabilities on even the oldest of machines, helping towards meeting the demands of your customer and staying one step ahead of competitors.

Pairing You With The Right Machinery

The O’Leary Engineering Promise

When entrusting the re-tooling expertise of O’Leary Engineering, all customers can have peace of mind that all engineers are highly skilled with all of the relevant qualifications to complete projects. Teams are experts in designing and building new systems and specifications, so will tailor projects to fit with requirements.

Moreover, having spent many years working with different industries, O’Leary Engineering recognises that any downtime to operations can have a significant impact on business. Therefore, all re-tooling work on machinery will be carried out based on your schedule, including outside of working hours, allowing a fast and efficient turnaround.

To ensure that projects can be completed strategically with minimised potential for problems, re-tooling will always begin with an examination of machinery to determine the best route. This reassures that any changes to equipment will optimise production and prove beneficial. In some cases, the assessment may conclude that machines are so worn out that they will require a replacement before re-tooling; however, you will always be provided with all information on what to expect. Ultimately, the goal is always to allow your business to maximise its resources.

Client Testimonial

"I couldn’t recommend O’Leary Engineering more to anyone looking to re-tool their machinery. From the initial call, the team spent time getting to know our requirements before explaining what they thought would be best. Since deciding to re-tool, we have seen a massive difference in the performance of our machinery and are so impressed with our overall experience with the company."