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Sealing Gaskets

O’Leary Engineering is able to provide sealing gaskets for customers on all of their OEM machines at very competitive prices. If you are unsure on which gasket would best fit with your machine specifications, the team are always more than happy to help!

In-House Gaskets Manufacturers

Reputable Suppliers Of Rubber Gaskets

The gaskets are an important aspect of any OEM machine as they cover the intersection between two surfaces inside of the internal mechanisms. In return, this prevents components from generating friction against harder surfaces.

With this in mind, O’Leary Engineering is proud to not only be highly experienced in stocking a range of spare parts but are now also in-house manufacturers of customisable sealing gaskets. This means that teams can offer rubber gaskets and other materials for any make of thermoforming machinery. If you have a particular gasket in mind, they would be more than happy to hold stock to offer same-day delivery.

After you have purchased your sealing gasket from O’Leary Engineering, you will be offered comprehensive after-sales support. Teams are committed to building customer relationships by providing a reliable experience, so they will be able to assist with any further requirements.

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Types Of Sealing Gaskets

Depending on your industry, the team of O’Leary Engineering experts can advise you on the best-suited parts to your machinery. Whether you require gaskets which can withstand temperature fluctuations or high pressures, a vast collection of stock is available, including the following:

  • Gear case gaskets
  • Electrical box gaskets
  • Oil pump housing gaskets
  • Water meter gaskets
  • Abrasive box gaskets

Along with various types of gaskets, you will also be able to choose parts in the material that best suits your equipment. All gaskets offered by O’Leary Engineering are designed with flexible material for maximum functionality. They are created with the sole focus of aiding sealing; however, they will also help to reduce noise, prevent vibrations and maintain hygiene. The materials available are:

  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Foam
  • Cork

Client Testimonial

"Really impressed with the level of service we received from O’Leary Engineering. Our thermoforming machine broke down last minute, so we needed new gaskets at short notice. We called up, and they were able to get the right parts to us just a few hours later. Will definitely be back in contact in the future!"